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Building (a mystery)

JULY 25 2022

It's been a busy month. I feel grateful to have moments to enjoy the summer and take it all in. Halifax Pride just finished, I hope to get some more photos up and share them. The experience of pride this year was like a roller coaster, moments of deep sadness at this world and how much needs to change, and moments of pure joy and celebration.

Earlier this month I went out with Morgan spontaneously on a photo adventure in Eastern Passage ! Morgan is such a great collaborator, I always love shooting with her, and enjoy her unique eye and perspective.

Currently building this website, and trying to get back to some self portraits. I have a few ideas left from last fall. Also thinking of starting a Patreon to showcase work and make some needed side cash !! Also hoping to connect with more queer people and build a supportive community.

Thanks for checking out the blog! There are so many things that I want to share, and social media sometimes doesn't do an experience justice. Not to mention the chaos of what Social Media is! (Maybe my anxiety getting the best of me.

Enjoy your summer! See you at the beach !

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